Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. The interpretation of the World Cheese Dip Championship (“WCDC”) contest rules and regulations are those of the WCDC Officials at the contest, and their decisions are final.
  2. Cheese dip is defined by the WCDC as a dip made of primarily cheese(s) or processed cheese product, with or without additional ingredients, not limited to meats, vegetables, or dairy additives, served warm or hot and eaten primarily by dipping a hard tortilla or chip into said product. Cheese dip entered into competition may be prepared on-site or off-site, including cooking of meat and vegetable preparation.
  3. A contestant shall be defined as any individual, group, restaurant, organization, etc., hereinafter referred to as a TEAM, that will prepare and cook cheese dip or entries for the purpose of being judged according to the official WCDC rules. Each team will be comprised of either a head cook and up to 6 assistants at any given time. Team members can participate with ONLY ONE team during the WCDC. Once the contest begins, team members may NOT switch cheese dip teams. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of both teams involved. No team member may enter the judging area at any time during the competition unless requested by WCDC staff.
  4. Each team will be assigned a team area which will consist of a 10’x10′ tented space, two 8′ tables, two chairs, team sign and electricity, if needed. Spaces will be clearly marked. The WCDC hereby grants the Contestant Team the right to use the tented space, as assigned, in the area on the day of the event. All equipment and supplies necessary for the preparation, cooking, heating, and serving of their cheese dip must be contained within the team area. Each team will supply all of the necessary equipment for the preparation, cooking, heating, and serving of their entry (including slow cooker, hot plate, electric skillet, extension cords, ladles, etc.). Chafing fuels are permitted for heating of prepared cheese dip. NO microwaves or refrigerators are permitted due to electrical usage issues.
  5. Teams are asked to be prepared to produce a MINIMUM of fifteen (15) gallons of cheese dip.Cheese dips will be served by Contestants from 12:00pm until 4:00pm. Those who are able to continue offering cheese dip will get more votes for the “People’s Choice Award”. (In past events, some teams served over 25 gallons).
  6. Teams may serve no more than one cheese dip. No additional foods may be served, given away, or sold at a Team Booth without permission from WCDC staff.
  7. Teams may not, under any circumstances, cook with a fryer or equipment that uses or produces more than ¼ cup oil or grease at any given time. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate removal from the WCDC. Any grease or oil produced by a team must be removed from the WCDC at close of the contest by each team. NO microwaves or refrigerators are permitted due to electrical usage issues.
  8. Team must provide a Fire Extinguisher for the booth area that is easily accessible and at least a “2A”U.L.
  9. Team acknowledges that the World Cheese Dip Championship does not maintain insurance covering Team property, and it is the sole responsibility of the team to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering any potential loss of property or food-related issue.
  10. Judging for the WCDC will be done by two specific groups: WCDC judging panel including trained chef(s), local celebrities, food critics/writers, culinary instructors, and/or other judges as determined by WCDC staff and will also be judged by the paying guests of the WCDC. All WCDC judging panel decisions will be based on blind, on-site sampling of each team’s entry at the WCDC. All paying guests reserve the right to enter two (2) votes per person via voting chips provided with paid entry. Additional voting chips will be available for sale at the event for $2.00 each.Teams will be escorted to the Judging area by a WCDC representative to present their entries to the Judging Panel.
  11. All teams will be entered in any and all categories that apply to their particular team and cheese dip. There is no additional fee for multiple category entries. The Team deposit fee for a Professional Team is $100.00, $100.00 for each additional booth space. The deposit fee for an Amateur Team is $50.00, $100.00 for each additional booth space. A check, money order, cash or online payment at for the total amount of entry fees due must accompany a completed team application in order to be considered for acceptance.

    Teams are encouraged to donate their entry fee to Harmony Health Clinic to further the mission of helping people and saving lives.The fee is refundable to Team following the event if Team has followed all Rules, has provided a minimum of 15 gallons of cheese dip, remained for the entire event, and has cleaned the area in and around their team booth.

  12. Application does not guarantee acceptance. The WCDC reserves the right to reject any application. A letter of acceptance will be emailed to each accepted team along with any additional contest materials, including a complete set of Official Contest Rules and Operations Guidelines. Additionally, the Contestant Coordinator will contact the Head Chef/Cook.
  13. The Head Chef or Head Cook, as listed on the application, will be held responsible for the conduct of his/her team and guests within each booth area (maximum of 4 people). Excessive use of alcoholic beverages, profane or abusive language or behavior, obscene or loud music will be grounds for immediate disqualification. Under no circumstances will teams be allowed to sell any food or beverages, products or merchandise from their booth area.
  14. Each team is responsible for the disposal of any leftover cheese, that will not be taken home or donated, in trashcans located throughout the event.
  15. Each team will be given 2 oz. cups labeled with a number or team name corresponding with said team to help patrons identify cheese for the voting process of people’s choice.
  16. Teams/Contestant sites will be chosen by a lottery process administered by Harmony Health Clinic ED and CED via live media.
  17. The World Cheese Dip Championship reserves the right to make any additions, changes or alterations to these rules and regulations as the situation warrants including booth location. Decisions of the WCDC officials and staff are final. Violation of any Rules and Regulations of the contest may result in disqualification, expulsion from the grounds, police or legal action, and/or disqualification from future participation in the World Cheese Dip Championship and/or its related or sanctioned events. No refund of any fees will be issued to teams disqualified or expelled from the contest.